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Small Business Administration (SBA) Services

Northspan provides services related to the SBA 7a Loan Guaranty Program:

SBA Application Preparation Services

Northspan has a long history and considerable experience in the preparation of SBA 7a Loan Guaranty applications, resulting in successful approval of project financing. We work closely with SBA applicants and the bank lender to discuss project viability and eligibility, the application process, determine the application informational needs, and submit the completed application to SBA.

SBA Loan Guaranty Sales

Northspan also offers SBA loan guarantee sale facilitation services. This service will allow our client SBA lenders the opportunity to sell the guaranteed portion of SBA loans on the secondary market. Premiums from loan sales offer the potential for significant revenue enhancement to SBA lenders.

For more information about our SBA Services, please contact Justin Riemer at 218.481.7737 or via email.