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The Northspan Group, Inc. is a private, nonprofit business and community development consulting firm located in Duluth, Minnesota. While our primary service area is Northeast Minnesota and Northwest Wisconsin, we work with clients and partners across the Upper Midwest.

For more than 30 years, our team has provided professional, fee-based services and technical support to the regionís economic development community, private businesses and organizations, and local units of government. We build connections that bridge across boundaries and assist communities that canít afford full-time community and economic development staff. We specialize in financing and funding development approaches that are innovative and creative, solve problems, and exceed expectations.

Core Strengths
  • Finance business growth that creates jobs and generates wealth

  • Support strategic changes in business operations and succession planning to retain, sustain, and grow viable businesses

  • Fund community development projects that strengthen the tax base, retain and service businesses, and enhance the quality of our communities

  • Facilitate major economic adjustment and growth management initiatives that are strategically focused to leverage leadership, solve problems, and take advantage of economic development opportunities

  • Facilitate organizational development, strategic planning, and meeting management that builds capacity, improves decision-making and effectiveness, and is outcome driven

  • Provide high quality economic development data and analysis to recruit, expand, and retain businesses that create jobs and build new wealth in our region
Our goal is to achieve the highest level of customer and community satisfaction by delivering consistent, measurable results. We consistently meet this standard by building upon our core strengths in ways that reflect our mission, vision, and values.

"Northspan has created the visions and provided organizational support for regional initiatives that are key to our economic and community development success. With its facilitation and leadership, these initiatives went from being raw ideas to significant accomplishments."

Nancy Norr
Regional Development
Minnesota Power

Nancy Norr