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Our Mission, Vision & Values


To improve the economic well being of our clients and their service areas

To be the premier private nonprofit business and community development consulting organization for our clients

Every aspect of our business and how we operate is based on the following core values:
  • ServiceóWe will provide service to our clients in a timely, effective, and efficient manner that exceeds their expectations.

  • Ethics and confidentialityóWe will conduct our business ethically, with integrity and confidentiality.

  • TeamworkóWe will achieve more when we work together and pool our strengths in a collaborative environment.

  • StaffóWe are committed to fostering personal and professional growth in a stimulating and supportive environment that recognizes and develops individual talents and skills.

  • RespectóWe will foster a challenging, supportive, and enjoyable work environment.

  • DedicationóWe are committed to excellence, rewarding hard work, and meaningful results.

  • InnovationóWe are committed to understanding and embracing change, new solutions, and the opportunity to take risks.

  • Geographic focusóWe will recognize that the world is our market, but Minnesota and our regional service area are our home.

"Northspan has been able to bring together the private and public sector and share a lot of experiences that have worked in our region, the state, and across the country."

Bill Maki
Regional President
Northeast Higher Education District

Bill Maki